My Running Story

Running, I always get asked a lot why and how do I even do it. There are times when I ask that myself too. Especially on the days I’m not exactly thrilled to run. I figured I would write about why I started running. I have to start way back in elementary school. Since I was little I wasn’t really the athletic type. I could still remember playing kickball in elementary school and kicking the balls out of bounds. In middle school I attended, I participated¬†in the Presidential Physical Fitness test. The test wasn’t that bad, but I could never finish the speed test in the allotted time. I just figured sports and I didn’t mix. I was lucky enough the PE teacher let me do until I could pass it. Boy did that take many tries. The only sport I ever did and still love is Tennis. I’m not exactly sure why my siblings and I got into the sport, but some how my mom thought we would be like Michael Chang. I love tennis and at that time thought I was pretty great at it. Well that was short lived. When I tried out for the tennis team in high school I didn’t even make it on to the JV team. I just completely stopped tennis after that. I guess I thought since I wasn’t good enough to make it on the team I wasn’t good enough for the sport. Since I didn’t make it on to the tennis team I had to take PE. I wasn’t particularly thrilled for PE. I felt like it highlighted my non-athleticism and who loved to run that darn mile in PE. I for sure didn’t.

My whole life I’ve always hated running because when I would run less than 5 minutes into it I would be huffing and puffing. Also always finishing last. I never really thought too much of it. I just attributed that to being non-athletic. Surprisingly I loved health and fitness. Health magazine was one of my favorite magazines to read. I even wanted to become a nutritionist at one point. Since I was into health and fitness I joined a gym when I was in college. I thought it was the coolest thing to workout at the gym. Though my relationship with the gym was an on and off type of relationship. When I would have a good relationship with the gym I would be working out there on a regular basis for several months. Then some how I would slip and then not going to the gym for a few days would turn into not going to the gym for weeks or even months. At the gym I did run on the treadmill. I didn’t think running on the treadmill was that bad since I had my water bottle handy and the treadmill had a fan. I figured the only place I could run was on a treadmill. Though through out the years I would try running on and off outside. I always had the same reaction few minutes into the running I would be huffing and puffing gasping for air.

Well 5 years ago I got seasonal allergies and got this nasty cough that wouldn’t go away. It was bad to the point where I would be coughing in while lying bed and had a hard time sleeping. After a visit to the doctor she told me that my allergies flared up mild case of asthma. I also found out that I had exercise-induced bronchospasm which is why I would be huffing and puffing whenever I ran outdoors. So after that trip to the doctors and getting the proper treatment I needed I was I thought I’d give running a proper try. I couldn’t really use my excuse of being non-athletic anymore. After doing some research online I downloaded the Couch25K app. I started training in December. It wasn’t exactly fun since it would be cold in the mornings when I was running, but I pushed myself anyways. As weeks progressed into the training running wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I figured when I could finish the full nine weeks of training then I would sign up for a 5K. I know some people sign-up for a 5K and then work towards the goal of running a 5K. I just wasn’t sure if I would be committed to the training or if I would give up half way. When I finished my nine weeks of training I signed up for the Pasadena 5K. My brother ran it with me for moral support. I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time.

fob pose

My First 5K – 2012

After running my first 5K I was hooked on running. To keep this long story short I’ve been running ever since. I’ve progressed to 10Ks and hope to train for a half marathon. Since I started running I’ve been more focused with my health/fitness and I’ve been open to try new things such as my other love Barre classes. Running has given me a purpose and great confidence. I’m not sure where I would be with out running. I know this sounds cheesy, but running has definitely been life changing for me.


A Pain in the Neck

After spin class Thursday I was feeling good. Some how 2 hours later I felt this pain on the right side of my neck. I was like you have got to be kidding me. Why does my body hate me so much. The last time I got pain in my neck it was after doing two Fitness Blender videos back to back. That wasn’t the smartest idea. I thought probably over did it with my workouts this week plus having stress from work. After talking with my a friend that’s a nurse and a friend that’s physical therapist, siting all day improperly could also cause neck pain. At first I was like I’m just getting old or I’m not doing enough yoga, but guess this is just a combination of a lot of things. After getting neck/back pain from the Fitness Blender workout videos I got a tens massager. That was a big help the last time.¬† Also doing a few yoga videos really helped me out.¬† The last time was way worse. I couldn’t even turn my neck with out having pain. After this recent pain doing a few yoga videos and the tens massager was no help. The only thing that helped was my mom giving me a neck massage. She’s not a professional, but she’s a massage connoisseur and has gotten some tips from those Asian massage ladies. My mom felt this knot in my neck and was able to work it out with this Chinese oil that had similar ingredients in those Salonpas pathes. Glad my neck if feeling better know. Hopefully I can incorporate more yoga. At least do the videos that stretch out the neck and back. Well that’s what I said I would do the last time I got neck pain. While doing google searches for knots in the neck they actually recommend doing exercise because it would bring circulation and stretch it out. I decided to err with caution and not exercise for a few days.

Commiting to a Half Marathon

I figured 2016 would be a good time to commit to half marathon training or at least giving it a try. When I was doing the Tone it Up fit for fall challenge I was able to keep my running pretty consistent. Then I discovered a new spin studio and my running has been a bit side tracked. I don’t know just the thought of doing a Half Marathon freaks me out. Training for a 10K wasn’t as bad as I thought because it was just double a 5K. Though I figure if I do run the Nike Women’s in Taipei I have to go big and do a half marathon. Seems like there is changes going on with the Nike Women’s series, so for all I know a half marathon could be the only option. I know if I put my mind to it I could probably do it, but the thought of all the training that I would half to do is bringing out the old anti-runner in me. Though ever since I’ve started running in 2012 I’ve been more open to try new things and not shutting things down till I’ve at least given it a try. The downside is that now I gotta figure out how to fit run, barre, spin & Zumba into my life. Maybe someone will come out with a class that does all four or a combo of the sort.

Nike Womens Series 2016

So excited when I saw this in my inbox this morning. Ever since last years Nike 10K I did last year I’ve wanted to do another one. San Fransisco isn’t one of the runs this year, but now we get to run Los Angeles. Now how can I not run Los Angeles. I also really want to run Taipei again. This year I’m deciding to commit to a half marathon. After since I saw how many people ran the Half Marathon, I just have to do it. They haven’t posted when the races are, but they’ve already posted the different cities. Friday January 29 is when registration opens. My mom isn’t too thrilled about me doing Taipei, since airline tickets are expensive, but its also going to be a vacation/visiting family. Hopefully the date works out with me. There is no way I would do any kind of race in Taiwan during the summer months. I’ve been waiting for months for some kind of announcement. Finally we get some information and now I just have to wait for the dates to come out. There’s so many great countries on the list. It would be nice to do Hong Kong to, since I’ve been there before. If it wasn’t for the bad air quality, I would totally consider Guangzhou, China.

Spin Movement

Started of the 2016 with a Spin & Sculpt class at Spin Movement in San Marino, CA. I tried one of their classes before and loved how it wasn’t just spin. There’s a few other Spin studios around the area that do that too, but I like that this place is new and not super packed yet. I’ve only taken one instructor so far, but he’s super motivating and energetic. Yesterday I happened to see on Instagram that they were offering a free class today Saturday so I signed up. Apparently I got the times mixed up with the Sunday time because I was 15 min late to class, but didn’t realize I was late till I was signing up for other classes. Opps! After class I found out there’s free Spin classes for the next few weeks unlimited. Since I was still hyped and excited about the freebie I decided to sign up for as many classes I could for the next few weeks. I may be overly ambitious, but we’ll see. When I first started barre I went to as many unlimited classes as could since I bought a package. Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to fit in running, the barre, & the TIU Self Challenge I signed-up for. After I started running and going to the barre I’m always looking for new fitness things to try. Around the San Gabriel Valley there is no shortage of new things to try. It seems like there’s always a new studio in the neighborhood to checkout. I love the studio group setting and have someone guiding me through workouts. I wish with Class Pass you could check a studio more than 3 times a month. It seems like a great way to find a place to workout, but not if you would like to checkout a place over 3 times.