Spin Movement

Started of the 2016 with a Spin & Sculpt class at Spin Movement in San Marino, CA. I tried one of their classes before and loved how it wasn’t just spin. There’s a few other Spin studios around the area that do that too, but I like that this place is new and not super packed yet. I’ve only taken one instructor so far, but he’s super motivating and energetic. Yesterday I happened to see on Instagram that they were offering a free class today Saturday so I signed up. Apparently I got the times mixed up with the Sunday time because I was 15 min late to class, but didn’t realize I was late till I was signing up for other classes. Opps! After class I found out there’s free Spin classes for the next few weeks unlimited. Since I was still hyped and excited about the freebie I decided to sign up for as many classes I could for the next few weeks. I may be overly ambitious, but we’ll see. When I first started barre I went to as many unlimited classes as could since I bought a package. Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to fit in running, the barre, & the TIU Self Challenge I signed-up for. After I started running and going to the barre I’m always looking for new fitness things to try. Around the San Gabriel Valley there is no shortage of new things to try. It seems like there’s always a new studio in the neighborhood to checkout. I love the studio group setting and have someone guiding me through workouts. I wish with Class Pass you could check a studio more than 3 times a month. It seems like a great way to find a place to workout, but not if you would like to checkout a place over 3 times.


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