Commiting to a Half Marathon

I figured 2016 would be a good time to commit to half marathon training or at least giving it a try. When I was doing the Tone it Up fit for fall challenge I was able to keep my running pretty consistent. Then I discovered a new spin studio and my running has been a bit side tracked. I don’t know just the thought of doing a Half Marathon freaks me out. Training for a 10K wasn’t as bad as I thought because it was just double a 5K. Though I figure if I do run the Nike Women’s in Taipei I have to go big and do a half marathon. Seems like there is changes going on with the Nike Women’s series, so for all I know a half marathon could be the only option. I know if I put my mind to it I could probably do it, but the thought of all the training that I would half to do is bringing out the old anti-runner in me. Though ever since I’ve started running in 2012 I’ve been more open to try new things and not shutting things down till I’ve at least given it a try. The downside is that now I gotta figure out how to fit run, barre, spin & Zumba into my life. Maybe someone will come out with a class that does all four or a combo of the sort.


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