Nike Womens Series 2016

So excited when I saw this in my inbox this morning. Ever since last years Nike 10K I did last year I’ve wanted to do another one. San Fransisco isn’t one of the runs this year, but now we get to run Los Angeles. Now how can I not run Los Angeles. I also really want to run Taipei again. This year I’m deciding to commit to a half marathon. After since I saw how many people ran the Half Marathon, I just have to do it. They haven’t posted when the races are, but they’ve already posted the different cities. Friday January 29 is when registration opens. My mom isn’t too thrilled about me doing Taipei, since airline tickets are expensive, but its also going to be a vacation/visiting family. Hopefully the date works out with me. There is no way I would do any kind of race in Taiwan during the summer months. I’ve been waiting for months for some kind of announcement. Finally we get some information and now I just have to wait for the dates to come out. There’s so many great countries on the list. It would be nice to do Hong Kong to, since I’ve been there before. If it wasn’t for the bad air quality, I would totally consider Guangzhou, China.


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