A Pain in the Neck

After spin class Thursday I was feeling good. Some how 2 hours later I felt this pain on the right side of my neck. I was like you have got to be kidding me. Why does my body hate me so much. The last time I got pain in my neck it was after doing two Fitness Blender videos back to back. That wasn’t the smartest idea. I thought probably over did it with my workouts this week plus having stress from work. After talking with my a friend that’s a nurse and a friend that’s physical therapist, siting all day improperly could also cause neck pain. At first I was like I’m just getting old or I’m not doing enough yoga, but guess this is just a combination of a lot of things. After getting neck/back pain from the Fitness Blender workout videos I got a tens massager. That was a big help the last time.  Also doing a few yoga videos really helped me out.  The last time was way worse. I couldn’t even turn my neck with out having pain. After this recent pain doing a few yoga videos and the tens massager was no help. The only thing that helped was my mom giving me a neck massage. She’s not a professional, but she’s a massage connoisseur and has gotten some tips from those Asian massage ladies. My mom felt this knot in my neck and was able to work it out with this Chinese oil that had similar ingredients in those Salonpas pathes. Glad my neck if feeling better know. Hopefully I can incorporate more yoga. At least do the videos that stretch out the neck and back. Well that’s what I said I would do the last time I got neck pain. While doing google searches for knots in the neck they actually recommend doing exercise because it would bring circulation and stretch it out. I decided to err with caution and not exercise for a few days.


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