My Running Story

Running, I always get asked a lot why and how do I even do it. There are times when I ask that myself too. Especially on the days I’m not exactly thrilled to run. I figured I would write about why I started running. I have to start way back in elementary school. Since I was little I wasn’t really the athletic type. I could still remember playing kickball in elementary school and kicking the balls out of bounds. In middle school I attended, I participated in the Presidential Physical Fitness test. The test wasn’t that bad, but I could never finish the speed test in the allotted time. I just figured sports and I didn’t mix. I was lucky enough the PE teacher let me do until I could pass it. Boy did that take many tries. The only sport I ever did and still love is Tennis. I’m not exactly sure why my siblings and I got into the sport, but some how my mom thought we would be like Michael Chang. I love tennis and at that time thought I was pretty great at it. Well that was short lived. When I tried out for the tennis team in high school I didn’t even make it on to the JV team. I just completely stopped tennis after that. I guess I thought since I wasn’t good enough to make it on the team I wasn’t good enough for the sport. Since I didn’t make it on to the tennis team I had to take PE. I wasn’t particularly thrilled for PE. I felt like it highlighted my non-athleticism and who loved to run that darn mile in PE. I for sure didn’t.

My whole life I’ve always hated running because when I would run less than 5 minutes into it I would be huffing and puffing. Also always finishing last. I never really thought too much of it. I just attributed that to being non-athletic. Surprisingly I loved health and fitness. Health magazine was one of my favorite magazines to read. I even wanted to become a nutritionist at one point. Since I was into health and fitness I joined a gym when I was in college. I thought it was the coolest thing to workout at the gym. Though my relationship with the gym was an on and off type of relationship. When I would have a good relationship with the gym I would be working out there on a regular basis for several months. Then some how I would slip and then not going to the gym for a few days would turn into not going to the gym for weeks or even months. At the gym I did run on the treadmill. I didn’t think running on the treadmill was that bad since I had my water bottle handy and the treadmill had a fan. I figured the only place I could run was on a treadmill. Though through out the years I would try running on and off outside. I always had the same reaction few minutes into the running I would be huffing and puffing gasping for air.

Well 5 years ago I got seasonal allergies and got this nasty cough that wouldn’t go away. It was bad to the point where I would be coughing in while lying bed and had a hard time sleeping. After a visit to the doctor she told me that my allergies flared up mild case of asthma. I also found out that I had exercise-induced bronchospasm which is why I would be huffing and puffing whenever I ran outdoors. So after that trip to the doctors and getting the proper treatment I needed I was I thought I’d give running a proper try. I couldn’t really use my excuse of being non-athletic anymore. After doing some research online I downloaded the Couch25K app. I started training in December. It wasn’t exactly fun since it would be cold in the mornings when I was running, but I pushed myself anyways. As weeks progressed into the training running wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I figured when I could finish the full nine weeks of training then I would sign up for a 5K. I know some people sign-up for a 5K and then work towards the goal of running a 5K. I just wasn’t sure if I would be committed to the training or if I would give up half way. When I finished my nine weeks of training I signed up for the Pasadena 5K. My brother ran it with me for moral support. I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time.

fob pose

My First 5K – 2012

After running my first 5K I was hooked on running. To keep this long story short I’ve been running ever since. I’ve progressed to 10Ks and hope to train for a half marathon. Since I started running I’ve been more focused with my health/fitness and I’ve been open to try new things such as my other love Barre classes. Running has given me a purpose and great confidence. I’m not sure where I would be with out running. I know this sounds cheesy, but running has definitely been life changing for me.


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