First Long Run


Its been a while since I’ve been to Nike Run Club because of the holidays and stuff so I signed myself up to go this week. This week I have been doing well with all my scheduled workouts and going to bed at a reasonable time. I haven’t been to a speed run event so I wasn’t sure what we would be doing. It gave me flash backs of went to Nike Run Club in Taipei. Where we did some speed work or interval training around a track. I’m still not 100% sure what we did on the track, but yes running was involved. For the speed run we jogged to the Rose Bowl then we did a few laps around this section of the Rose Bowl. Afterwards we ran back to the Nike Store. In total for me it was about 6.85 miles. My very first long run. I’ve ran a few 10ks, but have never really done any run over 5 miles on my own training. Even though this night wasn’t about the miles I feel accomplished that I ran over 6 miles. I guess one thing that helped was that I wasn’t exactly sure what we would be doing. I mean I knew what we would be doing, but since I’ve never been to a speed run I didn’t know where we would be running to. Also I’ve realize that running in a group has been very helpful for me. Running with a group forces me to keep up with the group and I feel more focused surrounded by like minded people. I’m glad I went to run club. I was contemplating not going, but I told myself stop thinking about it and go. Normally when I run myself I’m either fidgeting with my playlist mid-run or just counting down the minutes. NRC4 Finally I have a funky photo of myself running. When I run races or run club I’ll usually smile or pose for the camera. Hahaha, but this time I wasn’t even paying attention even though I knew there would be cameras. If anyone in the San Gabriel Valley or surrounding areas is looking for a good run club you should definitely check out Nike Run Club Pasadena. To sign up for run club you can check out Nike Run Club Pasadena meets most Thursdays at 7:03 pm.



What I Ate Wednesday

Breakfast & Lunch

I thought I would try posting some What I Ate Wednesday. Obviously a fail since I forgot to take a photo of dinner. Since some of my meals are pretty repetitive it would be boring to post what I ate everyday. On Sunday I meal prepped which as been really helpful this week. Sometimes meal prepping can be stressful and frustrating. Especially when you are doing it for one person. Also trying to figure out what to prep so you won’t be screaming on the 5th day of eating baked chicken and veggies. Overall with this weeks meal prep I didn’t really have to worry about what I would be eating next.

This morning I had overnight oats/bircher muesli and a mini bagel with cream cheese before my run. My lunch was slow cooker chicken thighs and veggies. Dinner which is not picture was swordfish and frozen veggies. For my snacks through out the day I had carrot sticks with hummus, sour cream and onion gold fish crackers, homemade whole wheat banana bread, and a laughing cow cheese wedge. Looking forward to have some AYCE KBBQ the end of the week.

LA Big 5K 2016

Last month in a rush decided to register for the LA Big 5K. I should have googled the course since I didn’t know there would be hills. The downhill part were great, but I was not happy with the hills. Surprisingly even with the hills I finished in 31:12. Not bad for this week of hot Los Angeles weather. I also haven’t really been running the past few weeks except for this last minute cram session run on Thursday night at the gym. I need to start having more confidence in my runs because at every race I feel like I run slow, but I actually don’t do that bad. The swag/freebies at this race was way better than any of the other swag I’ve gotten for other races. Beside the free shirt we got a Big 5 hat, towel, KT Tape, & Cliff Bar. On to the Coaster Run 10K in March. Hopefully better trained.