Coaster Run 10K 2016

This is my 4th year of doing the Coaster Run. Of all the race I’ve done, this is my favorite and I always look forward to doing this every year. For this race I decided it was time to switch it up and do the 10K. February was pretty warm, so I thought it would be a nice run to look forward to. Well that wasn’t the case the week of the race. The forecast decided to take a turn in March and revert back to SoCal winter weather. The forecast for the day of the race was rain, I just didn’t think it would be heavy rain. I was prepared with my rain jacket that I from Columbia for the Coaster Run few years ago. Since I haven’t really worn it since it was a good opportunity to put it to good use. When my friend and I got to the race it was still pouring. It was pouring for a good 20-30 minutes. As it was nearing the start of the race it wasn’t pouring as bad, but it was still raining. After about 1-2 miles into the race I felt like it stopped raining. As the sun came out it started to get hot, but I couldn’t really take off my jacket because the Race Dots I put on was holding my bib on my jacket. What I liked about this course was that for the 10K it ran partially a different course compared to the 5K. The 5K portion was the same and then you continued on before looping back to the finish line. I don’t like when some 10K courses just have you doing a second lap of the 5K course. The 10K I did at the Rose Bowl was like that and it sucked because you saw a sign where it said 5K go here and 10K you had to do another lap obviously. When its hot and your running a 10K and you see the sign for the 5K your like why didn’t I just sign up for the 5K instead. For this race my focus was running. Normally in races I try to take photos. Apparently I missed a photo op with some Peanuts characters, but I didn’t matter because my goal was to finish without stopping. Plus since I knew there was going to be rain I didn’t think any of the characters would show up. So I finished this 10K in 1:01. As always I doubt myself I thought it would have taken me longer, but I always end up surprising myself. I know I shouldn’t doubt myself, but its kind of nice when you think your running at a snails pace, but you end up doing ok. I think for my next race which is a 5K I want to improve my time and hopefully PR. Time to do some speed work and cross training.


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