My Favorite Ear Buds

Currently my favorite earbuds for working out is the Philips SHQ1200PK/28 ActionFit. My ear holes are small and I’ve always had trouble finding the right earbuds that I could use during exercise with out it falling out. The last one I owned supposedly had this great technology that would lock the ear buds into the ear and wasn’t suppose to fall out, but some the actual bud cover itself would just pop out. I’m not sure why this would happen, maybe because of sweat or the many use of it. After being feed up of having to touch my ear buds as I was working out or picking up the ear buds from the floor I figured there wasn’t anything made for my ear. After doing some googling and reading countless articles on the best ear buds for working out I stumbled upon the Philips SHQ1200PK/28 ActionFit on Amazon. I figured it was only $10.99 so it was worth a try. When I got the ear buds I was pleasantly surprised. I used it on a couple of runs and it never fell out. Though because I’m so used to other ear buds falling out I have this habit of touching the ear buds occasionally just to make sure its not falling out. There is an updated model, but I love the design of this model since its simple. Finally I’ve reached ear buds peace and glad I didn’t have to spend too much to get there.


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