Derby Day 5K

I was bummed this year that I couldn’t do the Nike Women’s Run in Taipei because it didn’t workout with my schedule. It worked out though because it also happened to be the Derby Day 5K, which I love doing. This was my 3rd year doing it. Though I was worried because of the weather. El Nino decided to come back the week of the race. 3-4 days before the race weather reports were saying that it was going to be 100% chance of rain. I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be running in the rain again. Then the day before the race it said it was a 50% chance. When I woke up I didn’t see any rain yet so that was hopeful. It didn’t rain till after the race was done. I always love running this race because running through the LA Arboretum is so beautiful and getting to run on the Santa Anita Race Track is fun. Since it rained the day before, the ending of the race which was on the race track was not great. It was muddy and really hard to run in because you were running in foot steps of the previous runner. I couldn’t wait to get to the end. Surprisingly I finished under 30 minutes. 29:37 to be exact. Not a PR since according to my records 29:28 is my fastest so far, but not bad. I thought running through the mud really slowed me down. What was also helpful was my Garmin watch. I was able to look at my pace and keep a good steady pace. Those hill repeats and interval training I’ve been doing for the past several weeks were helpful. I hopefully next year the weather is better. I guess a plus and another love of doing this race is that it only takes me 10-15 min to get there. I was planning to do the Nike Move with Hart event today, but my legs were not feeling it.  Glad I opted out because getting to sleep in was just what I needed.


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