Weekend Run

Saturday I decided to do a long run. I’m not really doing any training program at the moment. I do want to eventually start half marathon training, but right now I just want to maintain my running by doing the Tone It Up 100 miles by summer challenge. In the fall the 100 mile challenge was what helped me maintained my running. This week I knew I wanted to go on a long run. For me anything over a 4 miles is a long run. I’ve run over 5 miles in the past, but this particular 5 miles I felt really great about it. I felt like I could have gone a few more miles. Also I felt that the run was enjoyable. I wasn’t cursing myself after mile 4 wondering why I even bothered to run. My mistake in the past was that I kept running for time. After reading that your training runs shouldn’t be race day pace I started slowing down my pace by a minute or two. Another problem was that I was rushing my runs just to get it over with, which goes back my problem of running for time. Overall my Saturday run was great. The weather was great and I went at a decent time for that day. I wasn’t worried about how long it would take me or how fast I was running. Before I left I told myself I was going on a long run and I would have a great run. The positive affirmation I told myself was a big help. I did stop a few times just so I could film myself running, but I probably could have gone without stopping. Though then I wouldn’t have something to put up on social media. Hahaha!

After this Monday morning’s one mile I ran, I’ve surpassed 700 miles since I’ve started running. That’s just what I officially logged on the Nike+ app. I feel so much closer to 1000 miles. Hopefully I can reach 1000 miles by the end of the year. When I decided to train for my first 5K back in 2011, it was just to challenge myself. I wanted to see if I would be able to start and finish something. I also wanted to prove to myself that just because I wasn’t athletic when I was younger it didn’t mean I was going to be that way my whole life. Never would I have thought that running would become a big part of my life and that I actually enjoy running.


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