Tone It Up Bikini Series 2016 Week 1

So week 1 of the Tone it Up Bikini Series was good. It forced me to do Tone It Up videos which I haven’t done in ages. I probably did a bit more weights than I usually do because of the plan.  I guess another good thing was that it forced me to rearrange my workout schedule and to mix things up. Before I had this schedule of running and doing weights on certain days. I’ve been doing that for a few months and haven’t really switched it up so doing the Tone It Up Bikini Series forced me to switch up my schedule. Though I’m still trying to find a way to keep up my running and actually do 100 run miles by the 8 weeks. What sort of freaked me out at first was there was no rest day. Week 2 doesn’t have a rest day either, so that’s probably just how the plan is going to be. The great thing about the doing this with so many other people is the great support you see online. It was motivating to see how many people were also doing the Bikini Series. At the same time it was kind of stressful too. Sometimes seeing others people’s post on social media sort of stressed me out especially on the days I had to move my workout to the evening. I wasn’t sure if maybe at night I’d be to tired workout or get home later than usual. The plan itself was a bit stressful too. Just seeing what I needed to do for the week had me self doubting myself and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to accomplish it. This is why I didn’t commit to the Bikini Series in the past. I think the plan is giving me a good fitness guideline to follow for 8 weeks, but I’m not going to stress out if I feel like I need to skip day. I think even if I have to skip a day or two the less I stress about the weekly schedule more I will get out of doing the Tone it Up Bikini Series.


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