Tone it Up 2016 Week 2/Long Run

Week 1 was great, but week 2 was a flop. I started off great, but when Thursday rolled around I just wasn’t feeling it or something. I didn’t put 100% effort into my Thursday workout. Then Friday and Saturday was a flop. I was planning to do a long run on Saturday, but it got semi derailed when the family BBQ that I was suppose to go to in the evening got bumped up to a late lunch. I wouldn’t consider Saturday a big waste since I was spending time with family members which I haven’t seen in a while. I decided to push my long run to Sunday. Sunday weather was cloudy, so it was cooler and nice. It looked like it was going to rain, but that wasn’t in the forecast. I ended up running six miles, which brings my #100bysummer miles to 28/100. I don’t usually do that unless I’m running an actual 10K race. Part of my run was inside a park, so I figured since I already did a loop it wouldn’t hurt do a few more. Who know I may push my next long run to seven to eight miles. I still haven’t committed to a half-marathon training plan yet since I’m still waiting for the announcement of the NikeWomen’s Victory Tour in Los Angeles.


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