Half Marathon Thoughts and Fears

Back to the blogging. Its hard to blog on the regular. Sometimes I just don’t know what to blog about.

Since I’ve ran a bunch of races for the past few years I’m always getting emails about upcoming races. This year I’ve been picky about the races I do since I went a bit crazy the last few years with races. Lately I’ve been getting emails for half marathons. Half marathons are something I’ve thought of doing, but its always been just something floating around in the back of my mind. As a former member of the “I Hate Running Club”, its not really something that I’d instantly say, “Sign me up!”.

I know for some people they might say that since I’ve ran 5Ks and 10Ks already its not that hard to do a half marathon. It probably isn’t as hard as I making it out to be, but sometimes I still struggle with that old non running non athletic side of me that likes to put negative thoughts in my head. Seeing all these social media post about running half marathons does encourage me to want to try a half marathons, but at the same time I also feel self doubt. That’s the negative side of social media when you start to compare yourself to other people. Seeing people do their “easy” runs of 8 miles or seeing how they’ve ran 6 miles in how many minutes.

Mostly I think its the training and the unknown that has me hesitating signing up for a half marathon. As an example my allergies. As an allergy sufferer out of nowhere I can get allergies. Just like right now I finally got over my allergies from last week, so I basically haven’t ran for two weeks. The allergies was starting to flare up my asthma, but glad that subsided. I also fear what happens if I don’t run on schedule or if one week I just run at all. I know all these fears and thoughts are me just me over thinking like I usually do. As someone that used to think I was not athletic sometimes its hard not to over think and have self doubt. Well hopefully I stop thinking and just sign up.