Half Marathon Training Week 4

This week didn’t start off to great as I missed a run on Tuesday. Though come Thursday I was back at it with my scheduled run. On Thanksgiving I ran 4.5 miles. This morning I was a long run day and I managed to do the 8 miles. Today’s run felt great. Since it was going to rain later this afternoon it was cool and slightly windy. The more I run the more it gets easier. Long runs don’t seem as daunting anymore. My only issue I’m having is that it still takes me forever to get out the door. Partially sometimes my mind just wants to be lazy . Physically I know I can do the run, but that lazy side just wants me stay home and not run. I’ll find myself stalling by checking social media or even the news. Another part is that there is just so much gear I put on to run. For example today I couldn’t decide on using my hydration belt or hand held bottle. In the end I used the hand held bottle, but found it leaking in the beginning of my run for some reason. I know November isn’t over just yet, but I’ve actually run over 47 miles. What a big help every year with my running is participating in RunEatRepeat’s Pile on the Miles. Monica at http://www.runeatrepeat.com is a healthy living blogger that I have followed for years and is such a inspiration when it comes to running.



I’ve participated for several years already. The great thing about this challenge is that you are challenging yourself. You give yourself a goal of how many miles you want to accomplish during the challenge. With social media you can see all the other people that are participating in the challenge and its great to see other like minded people encouraging each other. On another note, I got myself back to the barre. I got an email about this Black Friday deal that I couldn’t pass up.  It has been a long time since I’ve gone to the barre after I canceled my membership. It was great to take the class, but I felt weak. I still remembered all the moves, but boy did it feel like I was taking the class for the first time.


Half Marathon Training Week 3


These are my runs for the week. I was planning to run 8 miles for my Saturday long run, but it only turned out being 5. The long run was much better this week because it was cooler. I’ve been getting in my morning runs, but what annoys me is the exercise-induced rhinitis. When I run in the mornings I always have a tissue in my pocket. Even though I’ve blown my nose in the morning my nose still feels like a leaky faucet. I think what helped on Saturday was that I used a nasal spray. After using the nasal spray my EIR symptoms were less. I know some people run with a paper towel, but paper towels are not a soft as Kleenex. Kleenex should just come out with a larger size tissue. Haha! My EIB aka exercise induced asthma I feel like is not affecting my runs too much anymore. I don’t feel the need to use an inhaler before I go out for a run and I’m not wheezing on my runs too much. Beside the fact that my inhaler ran out and I paying the discounted price of $75 for an inhaler is not cost friendly. I still need to work on incorporating strength and cross training. That’s something I’ve been lazy about. On to my week 4 runs. May the weather be nice and cool.

Half Marathon Training Week 2


So far my half marathon training is going ok. I’m loosely following Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 training program. I didn’t really enjoy my run today. My plan was to run to my errand, but that didn’t exactly workout so I ended up running after 11am. Since it got well into the 80s today I knew running wouldn’t be all that cracked up to be. Towards the end of my run I kept asking myself “Why…why did I sign up for a half.” Then I started doubting myself again thinking that I’m screwed and I’d have to partially walk the half. Though after the run I was proud of myself for doing seven miles even though I knew I forced myself mentally. Physically I knew I could do a long run, but mentally today I just wasn’t feeling it. If this weather would just be a little bit cooler. Reports are saying that were going to have a warm winter in SoCal because of La Nina.

img_6031On another note I was trying to make holiday cards because I got this email from CVS yesterday, but I didn’t make it in time for the promo code. I wish they would have given me more time. Well its my fault for not reading the fine print. We’ll only thing I can do now is to wait for another promo code. Is it just me or any photo project can take hours to do.

Coaster Run


Recently I got a notice that the race is being held at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Knotts was closer to me than Six Flags. Nothing against walks, but since I started five years ago I prefer do running races. I did a charity walk before the whole time I felt like running. There was a big turn out for this charity walk so it felt like you weren’t really moving too much and I felt like it took forever just to finish the walk. Just bummed because the Coaster Run has been my favorite race I’ve done. So many great memories doing the Coaster Run 5K/10K. Well I guess this just give me an opportunity to find another race to do.

Signed Up For My First Half Marathon

I finally signed up for my first half marathon. I’ve been thinking about it for the past few months. Well I’ve been over thinking about it for the past few months. Mostly I was just doubting my abilities and scared of the 13.1 miles. After my long run today, I just signed up before I changed my mind or made excuses. I figured if I didn’t sign-up for one now, when will I ever sign-up for one. Knowing me I’d have all kinds of excuses why not to do a half marathon. Well since this is practically in my backyard how could I not sign-up. What I’m excited for is the course which goes through Old Town Pasadena and all the places I’ve been to growing up in the Pasadena area. I wished I had signed up earlier in the year when it was cheaper, but comparing it to a RnR race it was pricey to begin with. Also I would have had a bit more time to train, not that I haven’t been running already, but it would have given me more time just in case. My main goal is just to be running the whole race, though if I do have to take a walking break or two I’m not going to give myself a hard time over it.