Signed Up For My First Half Marathon

I finally signed up for my first half marathon. I’ve been thinking about it for the past few months. Well I’ve been over thinking about it for the past few months. Mostly I was just doubting my abilities and scared of the 13.1 miles. After my long run today, I just signed up before I changed my mind or made excuses. I figured if I didn’t sign-up for one now, when will I ever sign-up for one. Knowing me I’d have all kinds of excuses why not to do a half marathon. Well since this is practically in my backyard how could I not sign-up. What I’m excited for is the course which goes through Old Town Pasadena and all the places I’ve been to growing up in the Pasadena area. I wished I had signed up earlier in the year when it was cheaper, but comparing it to a RnR race it was pricey to begin with. Also I would have had a bit more time to train, not that I haven’t been running already, but it would have given me more time just in case. My main goal is just to be running the whole race, though if I do have to take a walking break or two I’m not going to give myself a hard time over it.


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