Half Marathon Training Week 3


These are my runs for the week. I was planning to run 8 miles for my Saturday long run, but it only turned out being 5. The long run was much better this week because it was cooler. I’ve been getting in my morning runs, but what annoys me is the exercise-induced rhinitis. When I run in the mornings I always have a tissue in my pocket. Even though I’ve blown my nose in the morning my nose still feels like a leaky faucet. I think what helped on Saturday was that I used a nasal spray. After using the nasal spray my EIR symptoms were less. I know some people run with a paper towel, but paper towels are not a soft as Kleenex. Kleenex should just come out with a larger size tissue. Haha! My EIB aka exercise induced asthma I feel like is not affecting my runs too much anymore. I don’t feel the need to use an inhaler before I go out for a run and I’m not wheezing on my runs too much. Beside the fact that my inhaler ran out and I paying the discounted price of $75 for an inhaler is not cost friendly. I still need to work on incorporating strength and cross training. That’s something I’ve been lazy about. On to my week 4 runs. May the weather be nice and cool.


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