Half Marathon Training Week 4

This week didn’t start off to great as I missed a run on Tuesday. Though come Thursday I was back at it with my scheduled run. On Thanksgiving I ran 4.5 miles. This morning I was a long run day and I managed to do the 8 miles. Today’s run felt great. Since it was going to rain later this afternoon it was cool and slightly windy. The more I run the more it gets easier. Long runs don’t seem as daunting anymore. My only issue I’m having is that it still takes me forever to get out the door. Partially sometimes my mind just wants to be lazy . Physically I know I can do the run, but that lazy side just wants me stay home and not run. I’ll find myself stalling by checking social media or even the news. Another part is that there is just so much gear I put on to run. For example today I couldn’t decide on using my hydration belt or hand held bottle. In the end I used the hand held bottle, but found it leaking in the beginning of my run for some reason. I know November isn’t over just yet, but I’ve actually run over 47 miles. What a big help every year with my running is participating in RunEatRepeat’s Pile on the Miles. Monica at http://www.runeatrepeat.com is a healthy living blogger that I have followed for years and is such a inspiration when it comes to running.



I’ve participated for several years already. The great thing about this challenge is that you are challenging yourself. You give yourself a goal of how many miles you want to accomplish during the challenge. With social media you can see all the other people that are participating in the challenge and its great to see other like minded people encouraging each other. On another note, I got myself back to the barre. I got an email about this Black Friday deal that I couldn’t pass up.  It has been a long time since I’ve gone to the barre after I canceled my membership. It was great to take the class, but I felt weak. I still remembered all the moves, but boy did it feel like I was taking the class for the first time.


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