Half Marathon Training Week 6

Up another mile and oh my god I’m 3.1 miles away from a half! This week I decided to take this other route that I’ve taken before. Didn’t get out the door in a timely fashion, but the main thing is that I did the run. I think the La Nina weather has been kicking in because its not too cold during the day or at night. The weather for my run was nice. Hopefully this week I can get some morning runs in. Overall my run was great. I tackled some hills and got to enjoy the beautiful Los Angeles weather. Dream home shopping was pretty fun to. I saw some homes that looked like they had their own zip code.  I’m feeling a bit sore today, which is normal. Wearing my Pro Compression today and foam rolling after my run has been a big help. My main goal for this race is just to finish without stopping. That has always been my goal when I’m racing something for the first time.

Wow just thinking how far I’ve gotten with my running is amazing. My initial journey into running was just to prove to myself that I could be athletic with proper training. I didn’t think it would turn into a love of running and racing. I hope my love for running grows stronger and for many years to come.


Weekday Runs

At the end of last week I got a email from a run club I used to attend about this holiday/charity run they were doing. Since I needed a way to force myself to run during the week I decided to go. Plus they were having a raffle if you donated a toy to the local Ronald McDonald house. I didn’t win the charity raffle, but I did win a raffle from Nike/Nike Run Club. I also been to the Nike Run Club, but haven’t been for a while. I love going to run club because it forces me to run and its great when there are other people running with  you, but the downside is that after the runs I get this burst of energy. That would be great if it was in the morning, but when I’m trying to go to sleep and I still have all this energy its not good. Yesterday I wish I had run outside instead of going to the gym. I used to be one of those people that could only run on a treadmill. After training for my first 5K the treadmill became the dreadmill. I think running outside is just much better. You get to see the scenery and explore places. The treadmill is great when the weather isn’t right. Besides that I just feel like I’m forcing myself whenever I get on a treadmill. Its just the environment of the gym that just puts me in not the best mood for working out. When people don’t have the best gym etiquette or think its texting/gossip hour. There’s a treadmill studio that will be opening next year that I want to checkout. Suppose to be like Soul Cycle, but for running. That’s up my alley.

On another note. I think I’ve found out when Nike is putting the run on in Taipei. I’m hoping I can go do the half, but not sure yet. Few years ago it was easy to register. This year I noticed that you needed a password. I don’t even know how your suppose to get this secret password. I’d have to ask family members that live in Taiwan if they could find out for me. Guess there’s no word if they are going to be putting any races in the US. The race in LA was a bust. We got all hyped up for nothing. Come on Nike lets get together. I’m ready to give you my money for a race.

Half Marathon Training Week 5

This week wasn’t the best for my running, but it still turned out ok. Last week I got lucky because of the short week from Thanksgiving. Also last week was much warmer than this week. All of a sudden after Thanksgiving it just got real cold. During the week I didn’t really run at all. I only ran a mile inside the house, which I wouldn’t consider as running. I know its not as cold as the East Coast, but for a Californian I feel cold. Its been really hard to get out of bed lately. Saturday when I came to my long run surprisingly I did 9 miles. I wasn’t sure if I was able to since I didn’t really run this week. I think what’s really helping me with my long runs is that I’m not really thinking about it. Before when I used to do my long runs I would be worry about how slow I was going or how many miles I would have to run. This would hinder me and make me more stressed about the run. Now I just try not to think about anything and just run. The fun part is that I don’t even have a set route. I’m just kind of exploring the neighborhood and going down streets I’ve never gone before. There’s still that part of me that will see people’s Instagram post about their slow run of 9 minute miles and then I’m oh boy a 9 minute mile is my fast speed on race day. Kinda bums me out for a second till snap out of it and just focus on what I’m doing and what I have accomplished. I don’t know if was the best thing to do after a long run, but today I went to my last barre class deal I bought on Black Friday. Its has been a long time since I’ve been to the barre and it was hard. When your going regularly the barre is not as painful. When you don’t go for a long time its just hard and painful. The love/hate relationship with the barre. I miss doing barre, but I think I’m going to be doing barre DVDs that I have. Then I can do the barre on my own schedule. I also went to Zumba this afternoon because I was feeling cold and I didn’t want to do house chores. Hahaha! Hey I had to get my steps in. I just hope my legs don’t hate me tomorrow.

2016 Running & Fitness Holiday Gift Guide


Where has the year gone. I just seemed like yesterday we starting just starting 2016. Now its time to get ready for the Holidays. If your not not sure on what to get your family and friends that are into fitness and running here are some ideas. Since I’m the only running fanatic in my family I had to add some fitness gifts into the mix.


Image Courtesy of Amazon

Safety is important when running. Since now the days are shorter a head lamp is useful if when running occurs when there isn’t any light out. Last year I was gifted a Yalumi headlamp and I’ve gotten to use it a couple of times when do did run at night. Even if I’m talking a walk in the evenings I will bring my headlamp out with me.

Road ID

Another great item for safety is Road ID. If you know anyone that goes outdoors whether its hiking to running this will be great them. In an emergency it will have important contact information on them instead of having to carry an ID. Road ID carries many items such as bracelets, Road IDs that attach on to Apple/fitness watches, to shoe pouches like the one I have pictured.


Images Courtesy of Amazon

You wouldn’t think of giving someone food, but anyone that’s into fitness or running knows that’s specialty foods from energy gels to protein bars can get pricey. I know you got that person in your life that is always talking about their “gains” or trying to get you on the “gain train”. Well send them a tub or protein powder their whey and they will be thanking you big time. Hahaha!
Medal Holder

Image Courtesy of GoneForaRun.com

If the runner is big into racing then a medal holder would be great for them. Medal holders are a great way to organize and show off all their hard work.

Workout Gloves

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Do you lift bro? If person you are gifting is an avid lifter or gym goer then a workout glove is great for them. Workout gloves improve your grips when handling weights since your hands can easily get sweaty when working out. They also prevents blister and calluses from forming. Seems like these days workout gloves have been update to include wrist protection too.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

If they already have a workout glove or are a power lifter then you should checkout the Sling Shot Multi Purpose Wraps. Since the Sling Shot is wrapped around their wrist it gives them extra support when lifting. The wrap even helps with recovery or when working out when slightly injured. My brother got a Sling Shot for my dad and it has been really helpful when he’s lifting weights at the gym.

Foam Roller 

Image Courtesy of Amazon

A foam roller is great for runners and fitness fanatics. After a hard or long workout using a foam roller to will decrease the chance of injury. Foam rolling releases fascia which will help increase blood flow and help with muscle recovery.

Gift Cards

Image Courtesy of Amazon & Nike

If your not sure exactly what they need or what size they would wear then consider a gift card. With a gift card they can buy exactly what they want and need.


Instead of buying something tangible, why not give your support to the runner or someone starting on their fitness journey. You can commit to a be a friend’s running buddy or join a family member at the gym. Why be a cheerleader on the sidelines when you can give them more moral support by join them. The hard part of starting running or getting into fitness is not knowing what do or how to start. Especially the first time going to a gym, having someone to accompany you to the gym can ease that newbie awkwardness. You can get crafty and DIY a coupon book  with blocks of time you’ll spend with them running or going to the gym.