Half Marathon Training Week 5

This week wasn’t the best for my running, but it still turned out ok. Last week I got lucky because of the short week from Thanksgiving. Also last week was much warmer than this week. All of a sudden after Thanksgiving it just got real cold. During the week I didn’t really run at all. I only ran a mile inside the house, which I wouldn’t consider as running. I know its not as cold as the East Coast, but for a Californian I feel cold. Its been really hard to get out of bed lately. Saturday when I came to my long run surprisingly I did 9 miles. I wasn’t sure if I was able to since I didn’t really run this week. I think what’s really helping me with my long runs is that I’m not really thinking about it. Before when I used to do my long runs I would be worry about how slow I was going or how many miles I would have to run. This would hinder me and make me more stressed about the run. Now I just try not to think about anything and just run. The fun part is that I don’t even have a set route. I’m just kind of exploring the neighborhood and going down streets I’ve never gone before. There’s still that part of me that will see people’s Instagram post about their slow run of 9 minute miles and then I’m oh boy a 9 minute mile is my fast speed on race day. Kinda bums me out for a second till snap out of it and just focus on what I’m doing and what I have accomplished. I don’t know if was the best thing to do after a long run, but today I went to my last barre class deal I bought on Black Friday. Its has been a long time since I’ve been to the barre and it was hard. When your going regularly the barre is not as painful. When you don’t go for a long time its just hard and painful. The love/hate relationship with the barre. I miss doing barre, but I think I’m going to be doing barre DVDs that I have. Then I can do the barre on my own schedule. I also went to Zumba this afternoon because I was feeling cold and I didn’t want to do house chores. Hahaha! Hey I had to get my steps in. I just hope my legs don’t hate me tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week 5

  1. This week has been a little rough for me also. I haven’t wanted to get up and get my butt out the door to run also. I have similar bummed out moments, I certainly do not run fast at all but hey at least were getting out there in getting in those miles! Happy running and good luck with your training!

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