Weekday Runs

At the end of last week I got a email from a run club I used to attend about this holiday/charity run they were doing. Since I needed a way to force myself to run during the week I decided to go. Plus they were having a raffle if you donated a toy to the local Ronald McDonald house. I didn’t win the charity raffle, but I did win a raffle from Nike/Nike Run Club. I also been to the Nike Run Club, but haven’t been for a while. I love going to run club because it forces me to run and its great when there are other people running with  you, but the downside is that after the runs I get this burst of energy. That would be great if it was in the morning, but when I’m trying to go to sleep and I still have all this energy its not good. Yesterday I wish I had run outside instead of going to the gym. I used to be one of those people that could only run on a treadmill. After training for my first 5K the treadmill became the dreadmill. I think running outside is just much better. You get to see the scenery and explore places. The treadmill is great when the weather isn’t right. Besides that I just feel like I’m forcing myself whenever I get on a treadmill. Its just the environment of the gym that just puts me in not the best mood for working out. When people don’t have the best gym etiquette or think its texting/gossip hour. There’s a treadmill studio that will be opening next year that I want to checkout. Suppose to be like Soul Cycle, but for running. That’s up my alley.

On another note. I think I’ve found out when Nike is putting the run on in Taipei. I’m hoping I can go do the half, but not sure yet. Few years ago it was easy to register. This year I noticed that you needed a password. I don’t even know how your suppose to get this secret password. I’d have to ask family members that live in Taiwan if they could find out for me. Guess there’s no word if they are going to be putting any races in the US. The race in LA was a bust. We got all hyped up for nothing. Come on Nike lets get together. I’m ready to give you my money for a race.


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