Half Marathon Training Week 6

Up another mile and oh my god I’m 3.1 miles away from a half! This week I decided to take this other route that I’ve taken before. Didn’t get out the door in a timely fashion, but the main thing is that I did the run. I think the La Nina weather has been kicking in because its not too cold during the day or at night. The weather for my run was nice. Hopefully this week I can get some morning runs in. Overall my run was great. I tackled some hills and got to enjoy the beautiful Los Angeles weather. Dream home shopping was pretty fun to. I saw some homes that looked like they had their own zip code.  I’m feeling a bit sore today, which is normal. Wearing my Pro Compression today and foam rolling after my run has been a big help. My main goal for this race is just to finish without stopping. That has always been my goal when I’m racing something for the first time.

Wow just thinking how far I’ve gotten with my running is amazing. My initial journey into running was just to prove to myself that I could be athletic with proper training. I didn’t think it would turn into a love of running and racing. I hope my love for running grows stronger and for many years to come.


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