Marathon Training Week 7 & 8

My runs for the pass two weeks weren’t that great. Since it was the holidays I took a break from my usual weekend long run. That probably wasn’t the best idea since the only good run I got during the past 2 weeks was a 7 mile run. I have three more weeks till the Pasadena Half Marathon and I haven’t got a run yet in this week. Hopefully I can do any run by Sunday. What’s kind of scaring me is that the first three miles is going to be uphill. The run instructions literally stated that the first three miles will be challenging. This was the reason why I didn’t really look at too much info about the run before signing up because I knew I’d chicken out. Even though its going to be challenging in the beginning I can’t wait to run the race. Racing usually get me pretty excited. Only issues I usually would have would be the weather. A few times I raced when it was too hot and that was not a fun time. I’m not thinking to much about the race/run, which I have been doing this whole training. My main thing is to hopefully run it without stopping and if I do stop its no big deal. Hope the weather is good and not raining that day.


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