My Running Funk

I got the email about next years Pasadena Half Marathon. I was debating if would be doing it or not especially since I’m in this running funk. I signed up anyways since it’s much cheaper now. I’m hoping it will motivate me to run. After running the half in January I kind took a break from running and just ran when I felt like it. I didn’t really have any plan. I thought I’d get back I to training with my 5K in April, but even that didn’t really motivate me to run. I did a couple of treadmill classes, but never really actually ran outside. Since I didn’t really train properly, I didn’t PR. Me thinking a couple of treadmill classes would help me was not the best idea. I’m on vacation now and haven’t run for about 3 weeks. Hopefully when I get back to the states I can get back to a good running schedule. It’s not like I hate running, it’s just that sometimes I lack the motivation and I love making excuses. It’s a bad habit I need to work on.