Summer Running Having a Blast

Now that I switched my running to the evenings, running is much easier than trying to squeeze it in the morning. It’s less of a chore and I’m not screaming at myself internally for not going out early enough to avoid the summer heat. In the past I would just run less in the summer so I didn’t need to deal with the hot weather. I would tell myself that I can’t run the heat, but I guess I forgot that it does get cooler in the evenings in SoCal. Not going to lie I can find any excuse for missing a run. I’m pretty sure that anyone that hates running will find an excuse for not running. As a former member of the “I hate running club” I know all about that. My training plan for this half marathon is going to be just the same as my training during the winter. I never followed any of the plans that are floating around online. Just seeing the plans gave me anxiety and negative thoughts that I would never be able to sucesssful follow the plan to a “T”. My main focus during my last half marathon training was my weekend long runs. Every week I would add another mile to my run. That’s how I was able to get up to running 11 miles. Though besides that and the last half I haven’t really run up to 11 miles since. I really need to work on getting my long runs 7+ miles. I always envy those people that say that oh they did an easy 8 miler. I mean when I was training for my half did wasn’t hard up my milage, but to consitantely keep it up is another story. Easy for me is more like 3-5 miles. Anything beyond that I feel like I’m on the struggle bus.


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